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McAfee’s Ken Kartsen Discusses the Security Challenges Impacting the Adoption of Today’s Hottest Enterprise Technologies

19th February, 2013 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Data is the modern paper. Where once we produced reams of paper that needed to be stored, we now generate terabytes of data that need to be managed, stored, shared … Read More

CRN 2012 Fast Growth Companies

25th September, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Today’s business environment is full of uncertainties, from government sequestration to resource constraints, many of which we blog about frequently on TechSource and High Tech Highway. As our customers are … Read More

The Graying of Black Hat, DEFCON and InfoSec Industry

6th August, 2012 - Posted by Daniel Nowak - No Comments

This past week was easily one of the most compact and dense information security experiences to be had within the continental U.S. Inside of a short five days, a large … Read More

CRN 2012 Tech Elite 250

3rd April, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

In today’s economic environment of budget deficits and cuts, there is an immediate need for efficiency, streamlining and value in the workplace. Federal agencies across the board are looking for … Read More

Intel and Xerox Announcement Offers Glimpse into the Future of Security in the Silicon

27th March, 2012 - Posted by Daniel Nowak - No Comments

With the Intel acquisition of McAfee nearly 1 year ago, some pontificated and others simply speculated about precisely why the chip giant would purchase an information security product company.… Read More


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